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The Kobalt Warrior - Spring has given birth to a new warrior, one who's fierce and ready to make his rite of passage by waging the battle of blade against blade.

But legend has it that for a warrior to tame a growing giant, he must lead his charge with the untethered freedom to roam the land. He cannot rely solely on his will and strength, though mighty, rather he must choose an arsenal of weapons to assist his endeavor....and the sum should be a battery of seven tools.

During the revolt, he'll be tested -- pushed to the edge to trim the opposition's army. He'll take them out in masses, cutting swaths repeatedly along his journey, often cutting his teeth against the once mighty bark of a soldier, now fallen from his chain of command.

Once the battle is complete and he has sworn victory, the warrior must be willing to accept that even once slain, his opponent can and will return.

This is just one warrior's story. Now it's time to get medieval on your lawn and plot your own.

Stop by your local Lowe's today or shop to add the new line of Kobalt 40V Max* Lithium-Ion Outdoor Power Equipment to your arsenal.

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