How To Make Jewel Enamel Jewellery - JewelleryMaker LIVE 08/03/2014

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How To Make Jewel Enamel Jewellery - JewelleryMaker LIVE 08/03/2014. Please note, this is a recording of a live program. Items may be sold out. Please call JewelleryMaker customer service for more information - 0800 6444 655.

Presenter: Ed Mackay
Guest Designer: Debbie Kershaw

Join Ed and guest designer Debbie as they bring you a fun filled show bursting with offers. As well as the usual amazing deals on kits, we also have special offers on our bundles including, Mica powders, Jewel Enamel, Stamping tools as well as a selcetion of fantastic findings. We have gemstones including Amethyst Bicone Beads, Pearls and green and blue Lapis Lazuli Beads. All of this as well as our brand new strands of... wait for it... Canary Diamonds, Blue Sapphire Beads, Coated Pyrite Beads. All of these amazing offers as well as being able to learn new techniques along with Debbie's demonstrations and improve your jewellery designs.



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